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12-11-2011 to 08-01-2012 | NGBK Berlin, Oranienstr. 25

the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers

Exhibition at the NGBK in Berlin

the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers is the main exhibition project emerging from the framework of the global prayers project. It looks at the media-based and cultural modes of expression of global prayers (through photographic series, video installations and soundscapes) and at the mobilization of the religious and its effect on urban life in the 21st century. The main questions of this investigation concern the relationship between new urban religious movements and state structures, the adoption of public tasks by non-state actors, autonomous organizational structures, the localization of transnational actors, and the production of urban space by religious communities.

The exhibition will be on view in the NGBK (Berlin) from November 12 through January 8. Afterwards, it will be shown in Camera Austria (Graz) from January 28 through March 31.

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NGBK Berlin

Published: 17.11.2011